Garage hire, the best interim storage solution


Garage hire might be the storage solution that works for you, giving you seciruty, space and personal access when you need it most! 

People, young and old, tend to accumulate many possessions over the years creating clutter and congestion. What would you do if you don’t have accommodation or space for your furniture or household goods for the moment? What would a business do if they have urgent need for extra space? Garage hire is a practical and affordable answer. Troopie Self Storage & Trailer Hire has units of varying sizes for you to choose from. If you don’t have a bakkie or truck of your own, this can also be arranged for your convenience. We also cater for loading and delivery, so you won’t need to arrange any additional labour.

There are many reasons that can contribute to one needing additional space such as garage hire. Perhaps, you have sold your home and there’s a month in-between you moving out of the current house and moving into the next one. Youngsters who have found contract employment overseas may need interim storage for anything between 6 months and 3 years in fact. This curtails the unnecessary process of having to sell and repurchase goods later.

If your house is damaged due to natural disasters including through water or fire, it might be necessary to store your undamaged goods until your property is repaired. It may also happen that some of your furniture becomes redundant or outdated, yet is still in reasonably good condition. Selling may not be the ideal option so until you decide, secure garage hire and the convenience it provides you will be the perfect solution for you.

Garage Hire is not the exorbitant cost that so many people tend to expect! Troopie Self Storage & Trailer Hire has different sized storage capacity for you to choose from; it is either a full garage, a half garage or a warehouse sized unit for companies that require large storage space. The lease period is on a month-to month basis and a standard deposit of a month’s rent in advance is required. In order to accommodate the easy removal of your goods, a month’s notice period is most ideal. As a client you have exclusive access to your garage hire unit, but you can choose to appoint someone to access the garage on your behalf.

Troopie Self Storage & Trailer Hire is located in Johannesburg and ideal for garage hire to cater for growing businesses or additional domestic storage. We have an accessible secure facility that offers you guaranteed peace of mind when it comes to simple and safe storage at the best of rates.

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