Tips to maximise the use of storage facilities


Maximise the use of your storage space by planning how to place your valuable, putting the most needed items closer to the door, and making your space accessible. If you are going to hire the space, make the most of it as long as you follow the guidelines set out but the self storage supplier. One of the most influential decisions you will have to make when deciding on renting out storage facilities is deciding exactly on what you will be placing in storage. Knowing what you want stored will determine the size of the storage unit and any additional requirements. Proper and effective packaging of your valuable items is a “storage essential” that helps to protect your goods and enables you to enjoy maximum use of your self storage unit. This topic of effective packaging – although seemingly “understood” – is worth highlighting seeing that it continues to be a pitfall for many when storing items. 


The items you choose to place in storage determine the type of packaging materials that are required for safe and effective storage. Material such as packing paper, tapes for securing boxes and bubble wrap for those fragile items will protect your valuables during transportation to storage facilities as well as when placed inside rented storage units. Effective packing of your items will allow you to make maximum use of your rented unit, so you can store more items and in effect maximise your ROI. Keep similar sized items with equal weight together and individual boxes should contain items of similar nature or use. For example, kitchen items and office equipment should be packaged separately for easy access.


Heavier items should be placed first in strong sturdy boxes with lighter, more fragile items bubble wrapped and placed on top. Items can be cushioned and further secured with cushion foam or with packing peanuts or crumpled packing paper squeezed into unfilled spaces in the box to stop items from shifting and getting damaged during loading, unloading and even storage.


Every effort should also be made to avoid under packed boxes which may collapse whilst in transit and over packed boxes which can easily rip apart and damage contents. It is further advised that you plan ahead in good time as self storage facilities have become a popular storage solution for private individuals as well as businesses. A meeting with the storage facility’s manager can highlight and determine the amenities that best serve your needs. The manager can also point out the most appropriate unit size that will house your valuable items.


So there is no doubt that one of the better ways for clients to get the best value for money out of their storage facilities is through efficient packaging of stored goods. For reliable and secure storage contact Troopie Self Storage and Trailer Hire today.

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