Self storage cost vs corporate hire solutions


Self storage costs are well worth the consideration when looking at how indispensable these facilities are to businesses. Private storage units have become indispensable to businesses that do not have adequate space to store all of their products and supplies.

Self contained storage facilities are a great creative storage solution for a number of industries including law companies, engineers, accountants, financial institutions, architectural firms, car dealers, businesses offering products for sale, doctors as well as pharmacists to name a few. Art and antique dealers, for example, can safely place pieces of art in storage temporarily, for their protection against being damaged and losing their monetary and aesthetic value. Theatre companies, too, are always in need of safe and secure storage to protect props and costumes that cannot be replaced easily.

Items that businesses may place in a storage facility are numerous and can include: archived documents and files, surplus stock for safekeeping, office furniture and equipment, campaign materials, product samples, theatrical props and exhibition equipment.

Some business premises may also not be the optimal place for storing valuable items such as artwork, even though self storage costs will be avoided. Potential pitfalls of inappropriately storing unique and important works of art may be that they can easily be damaged accidently by staff, visitors as well as by flooding, fire or other natural or deliberate occurrences. Another potential hazard business owners can guard against, by placing items in a self contained storage unit, is protection against invading pests and vermin. Insects such as termites can wreak havoc on precious art pieces such as paintings.

To maximize on self storage costs , businesses should ensure that items are well protected with suitable packaging materials. Plenty of innovative materials can be used such as bubble wrap, duct tape, rope, polyurethane sheeting as well as file boxes and sturdy storage cartons.

Almost any business type can benefit from off premises storage facilities. The self storage costs for the use of these facilities are easily argued for, when businesses take into account the invaluable service they provide.


Troopie Self Storage Sandton can assist with information on our storage costs your corporate and even private storage needs.

We make storage convenient, affordable and an all-round pleasure.



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