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If you are moving home or office, you might be needing self storage space in Johannesburg. Additional space and storage in Johannesburg – being the bustling and rapidly expanding business hub that it is – can be in short supply. With so many unexpected changes taking place daily that affect our lives, you never know when you might need secure and convenient storage for your personal or business goods.

Storage for your business commonly includes items such as manufacturer’s samples, promotional materials, office documents, mobile equipment, and furniture. These safe and secure storage facilities can also adequately house your personal items. So, when you no longer have space at home for your valuable items that require secure and affordable self storage – you need a credible storage facility backed up by a reliable name in the industry.

Self storage in Johannesburg offers a great deal of flexibility, especially if you are not sure when you will require access to your goods, or when you will need to relocate your goods from storage to a chosen destination. A growing number of individuals are looking for extra space to store valuable items such as appliances, furniture, electronic goods, art and antique items, books and documents. One cannot afford to leave these items in anything, but the safest and most reliable of facilities.

These storage facilities are ideal for temporary storage when moving offices, fumigating your home, during renovations, and various other circumstances that necessitate safe storage. In the unforeseen even that you suffer a disaster such as that caused by fire, yet again self storage in Johannesburg will prove timely and most convenient.

The use of self storage facilities need not tie you down to lengthy contracts. The client has flexibility in terms of length and normally a short notice period indicating that you will no longer require the space, will be sufficient. Items that are subject to moth and moisture damage, such as newspapers, photographs, magazines, documents, wood, or certain inventory would require either airtight containers or suitable packaging such as plastic or specialised material to wrap up certain items. These containers should preferably be packed off the floor to prevent mildew from forming.

Finding a temporary home for all of your precious possessions no longer has to be a hassle with self storage in Johannesburg. For flexibility, security and convenience contact Troopie Self Storage & Trailer Hire today.

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