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There are a number of reasons that compel people to look for self storage in Sandton, from sudden relocation, to renovating the family home, moving from a bigger house to a smaller house, and simply wanting to create more space in your home - without wanting to let go of sentimental goods accumulated over the years. 

Wherever you may find yourself and for whatever reason you may need storage, self-storage in Sandton, is available for you. Here are some handy tips to ensure the safety of your goods, while in self storage.

Tips for self storage

If you stay in the Sandton or surrounding areas, you will have access to self storage places offering different storage packages to suit your needs. If you plan for instance to use the storage space frequently, you can request larger space to ensure that your goods are not packed to capacity. One handy tip to consider is the importance of planning your space. You can do this by starting with the bulky items and heavier boxes at the back of your storage unit, making your way to the front. 

Those items you may need more often can be put close to the door. Planning your space will also require that you determine beforehand what items you will need in the immediate future and which ones will need to be brought out in the distant future. Placing the heavy or bulky items first also helps with providing a good stacking base for your lighter items. 

When packing your goods for self storage, it is important to put all your items in good quality boxes and to also make sure that the boxes are filled to capacity. Boxes that are partially full may collapse or tip. Heavy items can be packed in small boxes to make it easier to lift them. Once you have packed your items in boxes, another important tip is to mark the boxes on all four sides for easy identification. This will make your job much easier when you are looking for something in a unit of packed identical boxes. 

If some of your items are fragile, it is best to protect them while packing by using bubble wrap. Dishes and glasses should be wrapped individually by bubble wrap and if there are any pockets fill those with packing material. It is also important to label all boxes containing fragile items like glassware. Boxes containing fragile items must be placed on top of heavy boxes. 

More tips for protecting your valuables while in storage

Troopie Self storage in Sandton can accommodate your heavy and fragile items, giving you peace of mind for as long as you need storage. Contact  today for more information on all our services.


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