The self storage phenomenon in South Africa


The use of self storage facilities may have a relatively short history in South Africa, but it has burgeoned into a booming industry quickly. Third-party storage centres attract South African families that want convenient and stress-free lifestyles. Even small businesses find this convenience hard to ignore with more choosing to solve their space challenges by renting secure storage units.

The incredible rise in leasing storage space can be attributed to significant changes in the lifestyles of ordinary South Africans.

Some factors contributing to the growth of the self storage industry in South Africa

  1. Increased need to secure valuable personal possessions

Self storage units can be seen as ‘unlikely heroes’ to secure valuable items against house theft. Excellent security features such as state-of-the-art surveillance cameras and armed response units offer a better protection at keeping treasured possessions safe and secure.

2. Urbanisation

More and more people are moving into urban areas for an improved way of life and better economic opportunities. The move from rural to urban areas or relocating from one city to another has created an urgent need for temporary storage space.

3. Reduction in average house size

The reduction in the size of homes has presented a challenge – how to accommodate more possessions, like furniture and household goods, in less space. Flats and townhouses which have become popular in choice of homes have limited space compared to freestanding houses. The availability of self storage units in city areas has provided an ideal solution; plus various sized units can be rented out as the need arises.

4. Consumerism

Like it or not, South Africa has joined the global trend of becoming a more consumerist society. From digital devices to designer goods, the average consumer is driven by the need of wanting the latest versions of what they already have. While it may be in with the new, the one question remains - what to do with the old.

With the rapid change in lifestyles, storage space has become a highly prized commodity. The flourishing self storage industry is evidence of this trend. We at Troopie Self Storage are specialists in offering safe, secure facilities accompanied by the most efficient service. Contact us today for assistance.

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