Low self storage costs to optimise your business


Self storage can help big companies save on their monthly costs. In the economic climate we are in, it is a challenge to increase revenue. Therefore many businesses are looking for ways to reduce their monthly and yearly expenses. One way of reducing expenses for big businesses occupying large spaces is simply reducing office or warehouse space for running the business.

Unwanted items or those items which are not needed on a daily basis can be put away until they are needed, at a secure self storage facility. The cost of this cannot compare to leased property or office space to keep the same items on a month to month basis. Keeping these items in self storage can also help you to keep your functional workspace free of clutter and neater. Items that can be kept at a storage unit at a low cost would include unused furniture, bulk office supplies, archival documents or seasonal office items, amongst others. In some cases it may be cheaper to buy your office supplies in bulk, thus the storage cost for keeping them until needed is an added bonus.

Many businesses keep records or archives of old reports, cases and research documents, amongst other things. These documents will need to either have an extra office for archived documents, or there is a simpler and much cheaper alternative of storing this data. With a self storage unit these documents will be safe for whenever a business might need them and they will be kept out of the way too. This also means more open office space which is always beneficial to any organisation. Some facilities will even provide a ready-built shelving system to accommodate your special needs or they could allow you to put your own stacking system. Accountants, law firms, doctors and sales organisations are quickly taking advantage of this cost effective option to re-organise all their vital documents in one secure area.

Any business looking into reducing expenses and having a safe, secure and reliable storage facility for all their items, from furniture to documents should look into self storage facilities. For low cost but efficient self storage services you can rely on, call Troopie/SA Self Storage now for a quotation.



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