What exactly is self storage and who uses it?


The self storage industry in South Africa is slowly taking flight. While it's not nearly as big as it is in the United States of America - where up to 10 percent of the population uses these facilities - the market is definitely growing. So what exactly is self storage? Who uses it? And what do they use it for? This piece takes aim at these questions and looks to better inform you on the self storage industry as a whole.

What is self storage?

As the name implies, self storage facilities are designed to let people store their belongings in a safe and secure facility away from their homes. These storage garages come in a number of different sizes, and in some cases these facilities are even climate controlled in order to maintain a constant temperature and humidity for specialised storage. These units can be secured either with a padlock or keypad utilising computerised access.

Who uses self storage?

Self storage units are used by just about anyone really. From people looking to store small vehicles such as jet skis and motorcycles right the way through to hobbyists looking for a space to store their things. Sporting clubs also make use of these wonderfully versatile storage facilities. Sports clubs are big fans of self storage facilities, using them to store various pieces of equipment and then withdrawing them for training or events.

Why are so many people turning to self storage?

It's simple, self storage provides people with a cost-effective means to store their possessions. With increasing urbanisation comes a severe lack of space. Many houses being built in urban areas are without sufficient garage space, forcing residents to turn to self storage facilities.

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