Why Do I Need Self Storage?


Many people find that they’ll need self storage at one point or another, whether it’s for tools and equipment, bathroom accessories or simply a place to keep household goods and various other small items safe. Self storage offers you a cost effective solution to store your goods, no matter what shape or size. This piece will highlight some of the reasons you may need to make use of a secure self storage facility

  • Old furniture can often be a nightmare. We’ve all experienced purchasing a new lounge suite and setting it up immaculately in the sitting room, while the old furniture is shifted to another part of the house. The old suite can often sit for a month or two before you are able to sell it or move it out. Self storage offers you the opportunity to safely and conveniently store all old furniture until such time as it is sold or given away. Your self storage cost becomes and ‘investment’ into future use of your goods.
  • There comes a time in everyone’s life when the elaborate childhood hobby needs to move out of the home. This generally in young families occurs when the old “hobby room” needs to be converted into a baby’s room. Self storage units offer a wonderful alternative to either having to sell or give away your prized possessions, and the best part is you can store it for as long as you need without hassle.
  • Shifting apartments or sale of a property can often lead to a person needing extra storage space. This may be an interim measure while a new place to stay is being secured or perhaps for the time lag while your new home is being built.
  • Another unfortunate event that can lead to a family needing self storage space, is death in the family. Time is often needed while the deceased’s estate is being wound up. Self storage provides the ideal opportunity to store the belongings of the person until such time as their estate can be distributed.

A major benefit of self storage is the freedom it gives you to keep your goods safely without compromising your existing space. In addition, you have the convenience of arranging for pick-up and delivery of your goods with trucks of suitable sizes and skilled staff. Self storage offers you access to your storage unit anytime within the sites operational hours. You have the liberty of moving goods in and out of your unit or units yourself, as and when you require, without impacting your self storage cost.

These are just some of the reasons people may find themselves needing the benefits of a storage unit. We offer clients the opportunity to store almost anything safely and at an affordable self storage cost. Contact Troopie Self Storage and Trailer Hire for a quotation today, and have your goods stored safely in no time!

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