Self storage units: optimising safety and security


Safety precautions in self storage units should be a key priority for both individual and business users alike. While your self storage facility will provide security features such as video surveillance and perimeter fencing, taking additional safety measures greatly adds to your peace of mind.

Maintaining the safety of your possessions should, in a sense, be a collaborative partnership between you and your self storage facilitator. The first step in ensuring the safety and security of your most-prized possessions, is to choose a high quality self storage unit. It is pointless taking your own precautions to protect your goods if the primary facility is weak.

Once this is established certain valuable or vulnerable items can be further sealed and then stored. The type of lock you use, whether it’s for your doors, bags or small storage casings, is essential. This is a point that’s often undermined, but it’s not worth compromising on security with a cheap or inadequate choice. Do not hand keys to your unit or the combination numbers to your locks, to just anyone. There is little point in investing money in a good tamper-proof lock if the key is freely available. Locks that discourage theft include: hardened steel disc locks, recessed cylinder locks and closed-shackle padlocks.

Keeping a record of goods in your self storage units certainly helps in more than one way. Making an inventory list of all the items stored in your unit helps you to remember what you own and what’s safely stored away. Making a regular check against your list does help with further peace of mind, and helps you assess the state of the goods. Even better, is to take photos of more expensive and valuable items stored.

Always maintain a neat and tidy self storage unit. While this does not directly bear on safety and security as such, a storage unit that is clear of clutter helps in quickly identifying if anything is amiss. It is a good idea to place high-value items at the back of your storage unit, making them inaccessible. An orderly and organised space goes a long way in promoting safety and security.

By putting in practice some of the above you can optimise the safety and security of your possessions in self storage units. If you are looking for a reliable self storage facility, contact us at Troopie Self Storage and Trailer Hire today!

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