Understanding self storage costs


Self storage cost is worked out per size of the unit per month. The self storage unit sizes are:

- Half Garage - 3m x 3m

- Full Garage - 6m x 3m

- Warehouse storage - 50m² and 200m²

Contract periods start from 1 month. Please contact us 084 676 1024 for a quote and for exact costs


Basic self storage costs are determined on the size of unit rented, the security features of the self storage facility, location, rates, lighting, basic environmental controls, insurance as well as additional special facility features. Any unusual special requirements, if permitted, may also incur extra costs.

Of utmost importance are the safety and security features of your storage facility, and your rental unit fee covers security features that are geared to keeping your valuables safe and secure. 24 hour armed guard services, guard dogs, well lit premises and an armed reaction unit form part of the general security measures you can expect to find in a well secured facility. Access to the self-contained units is strictly controlled in order to maximise protection of goods. Only authorised customers with the correct key for the unit locks are allowed in – which gives you further peace of mind as a client. Customers are usually welcome to use their own locks, but beware of relying on inferior options and rather spend a bit more for a better product.

A popular option is the monthly rental of units and as mentioned the size of unit also bears relation to your self storage costs. This is generally ideal as your storage requirements change over time, and if it does change considerable you can change to a bigger size or take on another unit without hassle. If you’re unsure of exactly what size unit to rent, experienced staff at the storage facility should be able to advise on the best option that would accommodate your needs.

Additional services provided by reputable self storage facilities can include transport of goods into storage. A quote for the extra value-added service can be obtained beforehand to confirm you are pleased with the price. Security locks with extra non-standard security measures can also be provided for customers on request. The convenient location of your self storage facility is another determinant of self storage costs. When choosing a facility to safely store your valuable items, you want a facility that is conveniently located and which can be accessed easily and quickly should you need to collect and place in storage any items in your rented unit.

The cost of renting out storage space can be easily argued when taking into consideration the safety, security and other features offered by the storage facility. For affordable self storage costs and a secure facility that assures you of the convenience, coupled with efficient customer service contact us at today.


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